Holiday Viral Campaigns

Just today, two other viral marketing campaigns found their way into my inbox via a friend who resides in Montana. He’s always sending me funny stuff online, so I had to check them out.

The first is a romantic sleigh ride. A young couple, who appear to be in love, are enjoying a sleigh ride through the woods. They’re bundled up in winter clothing, cuddling close to keep warm. The girl tells her significant other how romantic she thinks the sleigh ride is. Of course, his ego has been boosted and he reveals another level of romanticism. He hands her a lit candle and she smiles. He tells her he has candle light and Bud Light. He reaches to the cooler at his feet and grabs two beers. Then, the horse pulling the sleigh lifts his tail and lets out a hugely powerful cloud of gas which ignites the girl. The guy sits up and asks if she smells barbeque. Of course, she’s torched.

WordPress doesn’t support the file type for the videos.  I’d be happy to e-mail this video — Just leave a comment 🙂

Bud Light really tapped into their target market with this advertisement. Anheuser-Busch makes a variety of beers, each targeted toward a specific group of people. For example, their Michelob Ultra is geared towards a more sophisticated drinker, while Bud Light is geared toward college kids. If you visit the websites designated for these beers, you’ll immediately get a visual to accompany my thoughts. As such, this Bud Light advertisement has two young love birds appearing to be in their 20’s. It’s the holiday season, hence the sleigh ride. It even ties into the Budweiser brand as it has horses (and Budweiser is famous for the Clydesdales).

It’s really impressive to see companies like Anheuser-Busch reaching their target market in a medium they are famous for using – the Internet. I would have never seen this if it weren’t for my friend in Montana sending it to me. Plus, it made me want an ice cold Bud Light with my boyfriend. The sleigh ride would be nice, too.

Anheuser-Busch really capitalized on this viral campaign. Perfect timing – perfect medium – easy message – funny – and shareable! Kudos, AB!

The second viral campaign I received featured two identical snow covered cars. A man walks outside with a briefcase, exerting a lot of effort to clean off his vehicle. He even scrapes the side mirrors! After an extensive clearing, he clicks the button on his remote entry to unlock his car. The viewer can then see that he cleaned off the wrong car – his was parked in front of the one he cleaned off. It then mentions a coffee offer.

Again, I’d love to share this video, but WordPress doesn’t support the file type.  Feel free to leave a comment and ask for this video, too!

These were both successful viral campaigns because they were circulating in their target audiences in a timely manner.  I wouldn’t have shared either of these with you if it weren’t the holiday season.  They simply wouldn’t have been relevant.

These viral campaigns remind me of Super Bowl commercials.  I can’t wait to see what the major corporations will come up with for this year’s Super Bowl.  I’m sure at least one company will use some sort of viral campaign with their million-dollar advertisements.  Any predictions as to who might?  Let me know!

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The Benefits of a Website for your business

In the second week of class, utilizing the web for advertising was the central topic of discussion. I was especially interested in this as my mom owns three businesses and she is in the process of making websites for each of them.

One of my mom’s businesses is a gift shop called Just Right Gifts. She started the company from her hobby of creating crafts for our house. She sells a wide variety of items that make perfect gifts, including crocheted baby outfits, candles, sports paraphernalia, soaps, holiday decorations, and other crafts.

The other is a home health care business. She has a variety of services she offers for people needing assistance at home. Although the majority of her clients are elderly, she offers services for new mothers and patients recovering from surgery. This business is called Just Right Homecare.

Finally, my mom is a certified wedding planner. She recently completed a program through the International Institute of Weddings. I can remember mom planning weddings since I was a little girl. Now, it’s official. She’s committed to helping create the most memorable weddings on anyone’s budget.

There are endless benefits to having a business website; I’ve listed some of the most popular below.

  • Website offer cheaper and more flexible advertising options

With the unlimited space on the Internet, space is inexpensive. Your advertisement (website) can be accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and content can be updated as frequently as necessary. Plus, Internet usage is huge. Millions of people have access to the Internet. According to Net Access Communication Systems, 45 million people used the World Wide Web in the three months before a survey in the United States and Canada.

  • Websites break through barriers

Websites break through geographical barriers. They’re accessible from just about every region of the world by any person with Internet access. They don’t open at a specific time or ever close.

  • Websites diversify revenue streams

A website is a form of media where anyone can acquire information. This media can be sold as advertising space to other businesses. Some businesses even feature a directory of complimentary services where users can search for information about businesses that will enhance the product or services sold by your business. My mom is a wedding planner and may list catering companies, floral companies, disc jockeys, and travel agents that she frequently works with on her directory listing. The listings are sold to other companies as a way to generate revenue.

  • Websites offer convenience

It’s so much easier for a person to look up information on the Internet for a product or service that they need rather than to get in the car, drive somewhere and look for it. Also, the potential customer can visit the website any time he or she pleases.

  • Websites add value and satisfaction

With the convenience and individualized customer service, you’re adding value to your offering and your customer experience climbs to a new level. Plus, it’s easy to add content that will entertain your “guests.” You can do this by featuring tips, advice or general interest content. These things help customers remember websites and companies!

  • Websites improve credibility

A website allows companies to communicate what they are about and why you should trust them. Lots of people use the Internet for pre-purchase information so that can determine if a particular company is offering incredible deals or trying to rip them off. Websites also allow for viral marketing. When visitors arrive at your website and have a positive experience, they’re going to tell their friends. Then, their friends will visit.

  • Websites allow affordable market research

Websites often have features like visitor polls, online surveys, or other ways for customers to provide feedback. You can track the statistics related to how many hits you have had on your website, too.

Well, there you have it — some of the basic benefits of a website.  Now, before you create your own, interact with me!

  • What benefits have you experienced since launching a website?
  • What are the downfalls of creating a company website?
  • What companies have created successful websites?
  • Why do you think they’re successful?
  • What companies haven’t done such a great job with their websites?
  • What don’t you like about them?

Signing off,

* Julie *


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