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Since my blog was an experiment in the world of blogging, I found it fitting to go exploring into the world of blogs and see what I could find.

Blogs are like people. They come in different sizes, shapes and colors. They have different ideas much like people. Some are serious, focusing on important matters like politics and the economy. Others are lifelines for people wanting guidance on things like parenting and dating. Some seem more friendly and inviting than others. There are popular blogs and then there are not so popular blogs. Some blogs are fans of companies while others hate companies and want to tell the world about it. There are silent blogs (the ones that haven’t been updated) and noisy blogs (with too many pictures, advertisements and links.) I could go on and on with this analogy.

My most popular blog entry featured links and descriptions of crowdsourcing companies. This time, I’m going to link blogs that I find interesting, unique, fun, and valuable.

  • 15 Minute Date Blog I couldn’t resist starting my list with this blog. It’s written by a variety of people who share tips and tricks related to online dating, according to the blog itself. I found it to be really funny stories about everyday people trying to date in an emerging world. I loved it!

  • All Things Myrtle – Since this is one of my favorite vacation spots, I couldn’t resist. This blog is funny and informative. The author resides in the heart of Myrtle Beach and shares stories, news and more about the area. A must read if you’re planning a South Carolina vacation!

  • Adventures with Photos The world of digital photography is growing fast and now is a great time to actually learn how to use your digital camera. This site had photos, tips and tricks related to digital photography. Loved it!

  • Beauty Blabber – I gave into the inner gossiper in me and posted this site related to celebrity makeup. Very cute layout – very girlie. It’s eco-conscious and features products that are environmentally friendly. With the Going Green trend, this site is worth a mention

  • 4Tunate – I’ve always been a sucker for shows on TLC like Jon and Kate Plus 8, 16 Children and Counting. The idea of having more than one child at a time and then raising them always sucks me in. A mom of quadruplet boys writes this blog. She surely has her hands full. The boys are super cute kids and she’s got some good stories!

  • The 9513 – A country music blog out of Texas. Has goodies like gossip, reviews and more. I really enjoyed the interviews with the celebrities. Worth a visit if you like country music!

I think that’s enough blogs to keep you busy for a while. Share your favorite blogs with me by leaving me a comment!

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