Marketing in the 21st Century

The first week of discussion helped me make the leap into the 21st century. I had to choose the most and least effective form of new media based on a list provided to me. When I saw this list, I had no clue how some of these new media could be used for marketing. To clarify, I’ll share the list.

1. Websites

2. Video ads

3. Widgets

4. RSS feeds

5. Podcasting

6. Banner ads

7. Short films

8. Blogs

9. Chat rooms

10. Blue tooth

11. In-game advertising

12. Social networking

My vote went to websites as the most effective new medium. My primary reason for choosing websites is that they are the most flexible media on the list. With websites, it is easy to include video ads, widgets, RSS feeds, podcasts, banner ads, short films, blogs, chat rooms, and social networking. Assigned reading from week one also supports this.

“When a consumer visits a websites, many cycles of messages can be exchanged in a short time. When the consumer visits some time later, the dialogue can resume just where it left off. The web medium is as subtle, as flexible, as pertinent, and as persuasive as one-on-one dialogue. It boasts a better memory than the most diligent salesperson and has none of the salesperson’s distaste for repetitive tasks. Although other media may be more gripping, the Web is uniquely responsive” (Deighton, 1996).

In order to choose a least effective medium, I had to do some research. I had no idea what a widget was or how podcasting or Bluetooth could be used as marketing tools. A widget has the potential to be a powerful marketing tool for a very niche audience. If companies can tie their products or services to something their target audience desires, a widget could be successful. For example, a good widget for Pampered Chef or Betty Crocker would provide users with different recipes featuring their products. This widget would encourage users to buy products from the widget’s brand and keep the brand name at the top of the user’s mind.

Example of BlueTooth Proximity Marketing

Example of BlueTooth Proximity Marketing

The most interesting new medium to me is BlueTooth. In the class discussion, I chose this at the least effective, primarily because it reminded me of telemarketing and has very little reach. However, as technology advances, BlueTooth has a great opportunity to be a very focused medium for companies to embrace. Right now, BlueTooth Proximity Marketing (BPM) is popular overseas in European locations.

Hard Rock Cafe BPM

Hard Rock Cafe BPM

Here’s how it works: a company sets up a “hot spot” where their target market will visit. The target market must have a BlueTooth enabled phone in “discoverable mode.” Then, the consumer will be able to receive messages for free over the BlueTooth connection.

An example of this could be a company like Nike setting up “hot spots” near tennis shoe retailers in the mall. Consumers receiving the BlueTooth marketing may receive a coupon on their phone for 10% off the next shoe purchase. The best way to think of BPM is as a virtual billboard or flyer advertisement. Right now, this technology is in its infancy stage, but there is a world of opportunity out there.

My Professor asked in the discussion if anyone had changed their minds from their original choices for most and least effective. Technically, I still feel that BlueTooth marketing needs to be further developed, but once it matures, I wouldn’t feel that it was the least effective. I still feel that websites are the most effective new media.


Deighton, John. (November – December 1996). The Future of Interactive Marketing. Harvard Business Review.


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